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The OzHelp Foundation

Date of Posting: 23-04-2012

The OzHelp Foundation is a not for profit, community based mental health support organisation with a focus on suicide awareness and prevention in workplaces, and in particular, industry settings.
What can OzHelp offer you as a health professional?
OzHelp offers a suite of interrelated mental health training and support services. There are courses on a range of topics relating to mental health awareness, suicide prevention and awareness, therapy education, and life skills training. The support services provided by OzHelp are also worth knowing about should you encounter someone who may benefit from the help we can provide.
Mental Health training services
  • Best practice, evidence-based mental health training, education and activities.
  • Skills-based and interactive workshops delivered by registered psychologists.
  • Courses to increase understanding, knowledge and skills in the field of suicide prevention and mental health awareness.
  • Workshops designed to strengthen the capacity of services and the community to respond to people who are at risk.
Mental Health support services
  • Counselling services offered by professionally registered OzHelp Counsellors.
  • Referral services to more information, in addition to other mental health support and services relevant to a person’s needs and situation.
  • Online links to a range of related mental health organisations and services, as well as fact sheets, health assessment tools and related information.
T 1300 OZHELP (1300 694 537)
F (02) 6251 4366
E info.act@ozhelp.org.au
W www.ozhelp.org.au
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