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What is Allied Health?

Date of Posting: 03-10-2010

Allied Health is a term used to describe a broad group of health professionals across a range of vocations.  In short, Allied Health can be described as health professionals that aren't doctors and aren't nurses.  This is a very large group of professionals which makes up 60% of a typical first world health workforce.

The list of 'Allied Health' professions includes, but is not limited to:

Athletic Trainer



Massage Therapist

Medical Imaging Professionals including Sonographers and Radiographers 

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Medical Radiation Scientist

Music Therapy

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Occupational Therapists










Radiation Therapist

Respiratory Therapist

Speech Pathologist

Training & Education

The diverse nature of this group of professionals means the training requirements vary greatly.  Courses within these professions can be searched for on the ncah.com.au - course search page.

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Queensland Health Townsville - (31-07-2014)


Queensland Health is seeking applications for a Nurse Unit Manager at The Townsville Hospital.


Nursing Director / Program Manager

Queensland Health Townsville - (31-07-2014)


Queensland Health is seeking applications for a Nursing Director / Program Manager for The Townsville Hospital.


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