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Allied health professional clinches NZ MasterChef

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Nadia Lim - Allied Health Master Chef Winner!

A New Zealand dietitian and 2011 MasterChef winner plans to combine her culinary skills with her professional interest in public health and well-being.

Nadia Lim, a 25-year-old clinical diabetes dietitian, plans to remain part-time in her job with the Diabetes Foundation while taking on work with the Heart Foundation and balancing a new-found career in the food industry after clinching the competition in this week’s final episode.

Ms Lim has spent the past three years dishing out advice on what people should be eating and now she plans to also show them.

"I realise how much of an impact what and how we eat has on our health, including our heart health," Ms Lim said.

"Problems such as diabetes and cardio vascular disease are growing when so much of it could be prevented,
which is sad."

Ms Lim pursued a career in allied health after a history of family heart disease resulted in a household focused on dishing up healthy food.

"I have always firmly believed that food has two equal purposes – for nourishment and enjoyment," she said.

"You need a balance between the two. I’m lucky to have a passion for both sides, so why not use them in tandem."

Ms Lim has begun writing a series of recipes for the Heart Foundation’s website and will also juggle work with the Nutrition Foundation.

Originally from Auckland, this food devotee grew up in Malaysia and spent five years at Otago University where she studied nutrition and dietetics.
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