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Australian Nursing Federation - Continuing Professional Education Online

Last Updated: 18-11-2013

Australian Nursing Federation - Continuing Professional Education Online

Nurses and midwives can now overcome the barriers to continuing education and professional development – time & money.

The ANF CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION WEBSITE provides self directed e-learning tutorials to nurses and midwives, with best practice learning on health issues that can be applied to practice.

The tutorials are in slideshow format with hyperlinks imbedded throughout to encourage further research. Each tutorial has an assessment that consists of ten multiple choice questions randomly selected to ensure a different combination each time the assessment is accessed. Each tutorial has been written by nurses and midwives for nurses and midwives and peer reviewed by experts in the relevant area of practice.

The assessments are rigorous,

the quality of the learning material is excellent and those who participate are able to use what they have learnt in the workplace. The assessment is marked instantaneously by the website and allows for three attempts with the highest score appearing on the members continuing professional development record.

ANF members (including NSWNA and QNU members) have access to a professional development record where all activities undertaken through the site are automatically logged. The record also allows users to add activities they have participated in outside of the ANF’s site. The printable portfolio is able to be edited allowing nurses and midwives to document their learning plan and reflective comments in line with the new Nurses and Midwives Board of Australia’s (NMBA) continuing professional development requirements.

Non-members are provided with a certificate on completion of tutorials, along with a simple electronic guide explaining how to maintain a professional development portfolio.

The NMBA requires nurses and midwives to achieve 20 CPD points annually in topics relevant to their area of practice. All current tutorials on the ANF’s CPE website attract five CPE points with the majority of topics being relevant to all nurses and midwives areas of practice.

Undertaking just four ANF CPE tutorials in one year give the nurse or midwife the required 20 CPD points per annum.

The ANF’s CPE tutorials are cost effective at only $7.70 each for ANF members and $22 each for non-members.

Once tutorials have been purchased they can be viewed as often as desired for a 12 month period or until the assessment has been completed three times. This makes for a valuable workplace reference tool that can be accessed quickly and easily when required.

Current topics include:

  • Advanced life support
  • Asthma management
  • Basic life support
  • Cardiac 1 – chest pain assessment and management
  • Cardiac 2 – acute coronary syndrome
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Drug calculations and administration
  • ECG and rhythms 1
  • ECG and rhythms 2
  • Emergency drugs
  • Fire and emergency training
  • Infection control
  • Manual handling
  • Palliative care
  • Respiratory 1 – upper airway obstruction
  • Respiratory 2 – respiratory failure
  • Vision care
  • Wound care update

New tutorials are added to the site regularly based on feedback received from participants, on the topics they wish to see on the site.

The ANF also offers corporate contracts for organisations wishing to assist their employees remain current and compliant with their professional development requirements. For further information on this service please contact Jodie Davis, details below.


Contact| Jodie Davis| Federal Education Officer| cpe@anf.org.au | 02 6232 6533


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