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Australian paramedics explore new frontiers in ideas

By Karen Keast | Last Updated: 19-11-2013

Team Australia EMS competing recently in Singapore.

A team of Queensland paramedics are inspiring paramedics around Australia to expand their horizons.
Team Australia EMS, comprising lead paramedic Neil Noble, Amy Michelle Craike, Colin Allen, Gary Berkowitz and Alan Mountford, recently won the 2012 Professional Rescue Competition in Singapore.
The team has been forging a name for itself internationally after attending the 2011 and 2012 EMS Today Conference and the JEMS Games, both in the United States – and it now has its sights set on returning to the States next year.
Mr Noble said other states from across Australia have shown interest in developing EMS teams, and he encouraged paramedics to “expand your horizons”.

a global network of paramedics and emergency service personnel around the world and through social media or physically travelling there’s an invaluable amount of information out there,” he said.

“We absolutely love it. For me, it’s really interesting to meet people doing the same work in different countries with different systems.
“At the end of the day a sick patient is a sick patient. It’s how people manage it.
“The travelling bug has hit and it’s also really great to meet people who do the same work that you do in a different way.”
Mr Noble, who is based in Cairns, said the team’s mission was to network with paramedics from across the globe and share knowledge, ideas and experiences, with the aim of bringing that information back to Australia for the benefit of Australians.
“The main aim of this competition and the professional development is going and working with paramedics from around the world and sharing our ideas with them and hopefully get ideas from them to implement in Australia,” he said.
In its first time in the Professional Rescue Competition, the team clinched top honours against teams from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea and China in front of an international judging contingent.
The team tested its pre-hospital emergency care in a range of scenarios, including a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest, a snake bite victim, and a car accident with two patients with varying injuries.
Mr Noble said the injuries tested paramedics on their knowledge of the latest research.
“We did exceptionally well – we came out on top,” he said.
“It was very tough and it was very interesting to see how the different countries do things to achieve the same outcome.”
Team Australia EMS will present to the Annual Conference of Paramedics Australasia in November and it plans to put together a study tour to go to the EMS Today Conference in Washington in March next year.

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