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Australia’s nursing and midwifery stats revealed

By Karen Keast | Last Updated: 20-11-2013

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has released its latest registration statistics

There are almost 34,000 male nurses and midwives in Australia and six nurses who are aged 86 and over, according to new statistics from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

The national board has released its latest registration statistics which provide a snapshot of the nation’s nursing and midwifery workforce.

The data reveals a state by state breakdown of nursing and midwifery numbers and registration types and also the age of the workforce by registration type.

There are six nurses registered who are aged 86 and above, 35 who are aged 81 to 85, 254 who are aged 76 to 80, and 1,417 who are aged 71 to 75.

Most nurses and midwives, at a figure of 51,055, are aged 51 to 55, there are 44,782

nurses aged 46 to 50, 42,783 aged 41 to 45, and 39,947 aged 56 to 60.

There are 38,621 aged 36 to 40, 35,499 are aged 26 to 30, 32,937 are aged 31 to 35, 22,537 are aged 61 to 65, 20,352 are aged 21 to 25, and 6,969 are aged 66 to 70.

When it comes to gender, the figures show there are 33,891 male nurses and midwives with 27,307 male registered nurses, 5,348 male enrolled nurses, nine male registered midwives and 633 male registered nurses working in midwifery and nursing.

It also shows Australia has a total of 337,807 nurses and midwives, with 210,320 female registered nurses, 53,559 female enrolled nurses, 2,270 female registered midwives and 32,089 female registered nurses working in midwifery and nursing.

New South Wales is home to the largest number of nurses and midwives with 92,968, followed by Victoria with 89,959, Queensland with 64,335, Western Australia with 33,830, South Australia with 30,695, Tasmania with 8,091, the ACT with 5,246 and the Northern Territory with 3,856.

There are 765 nurse practitioners, which includes prescribing scheduled medicines, registered in Australia, there are 777 registered nurses who can supply scheduled medicines in rural and isolated practice and one midwife practitioner who is located in NSW.

There is also one eligible midwife, who can prescribe scheduled medicines, in the nation who is located in Victoria, and there are 130 eligible midwives with a notation on their registration who are endorsed to prescribe scheduled medicines when they complete a board-approved program of study for prescribing midwifery medicines.

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