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Jo nurses our aged care education

By Karen Keast | Last Updated: 20-11-2013

Healthcare Australia agency nurse Jo Neophyton

Jo Neophyton has found her niche as a teacher in aged care.

After working as a nurse in paediatrics, radiology, a high dependency gastro intestinal unit, neurosurgery, day surgery, occupational health and safety, and plastic surgery and rehabilitation, the 44-year-old is now working as an aged care facilitator.

Jo divides her time between healthcare recruitment solutions provider Healthcare Australia’s training organisation, NursEd, where she works as a trainer in manual handling and basic life support as well as being a clinical facilitator in aged care, and also as a trainer and facilitator in aged care at Sydney’s Northern Beaches Community College.

love seeing the students who start out and they haven’t got a lot of confidence and then they are absolutely blitzing it by the end of their time,” she said.

“Initially there’s resistance to wanting to work in aged care. Their eyes are set on maternity or that sharp end of nursing – A&E or ICU.

“They really end up liking aged care and they see how important it is that there are good nurses that are placed in aged care.”

Jo’s family is engrained in the healthcare sector. Jo’s mother was a nurse and her father was a surgeon, while Jo’s brother is a psychologist and she has several cousins who are doctors.

While Jo’s family is proud she became a nurse, her father wanted her to become a teacher.

Now Jo has the best of both worlds.

Jo hopes to soon embark on post graduate study through the Royal College of Nursing with the aim of becoming a university lecturer, specialising in aged care.

“I love it. I would like to be talking to all the future RNs about what a great job it is and that they should look at aged care,” she said.

“You can learn all of your basic nursing skills through aged care.

“It’s all about connecting with the person you are working with and working as part of a team to make sure someone is going to have a really nice day.

“You can be social with your resident in the aged care setting; you can be involved in whatever they are doing. It’s not all vital signs and physical nursing.

“It’s being involved with them on an emotional level, as well as the physical and chronic conditions.

“It’s an all-round good job that takes every factor into consideration and caring for somebody.”
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