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Midwife Cath develops apps for new parents

By Karen Keast | Last Updated: 19-11-2013

Midwife Cathryn Curtin has developed three apps

An innovative Melbourne midwife has developed three iPhone applications for new parents.

Cathryn Curtin, the midwife consultant for Kaz Cooke’s renowned books Up the Duff and Kidwrangling, last year launched the first app of its kind in Australia – Midwife Cath’s Parenting Advice, designed to help new mums get through the first six weeks of parenting.

A nurse for 36 years and a practicing midwife for 32 years, Cathryn’s other apps feature video tutorials on bathing and wrapping, titled Midwife Cath’s Baby Bathing and Midwife Cath’s Wrap, and in the medical section of apps Cathryn is ranked 177 in the world.

“Even though I am 55 it was my aim to make these apps, to do something contemporary – that’s what my patients need. The parents of today are looking

to apps and looking to Google,” she said.

“Anyone can go and do an app but not everyone has the length of experience and depth of experience that I have.”

Cathryn said apps were a faster, more convenient way of providing information on topics such as breastfeeding, mastitis and reflux to new mums who often turn to Google where information is rife and often overwhelming.

Cathryn first started work at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne in 1975 and has since worked at most hospitals around the city.

Instrumental in establishing birth centres in Melbourne in the 1980s, Cathryn has also worked as a maternal and child health nurse and now works alongside obstetrician Dr Len Kliman in East Melbourne, providing ante-natal care, childbirth education and care for new parents.

Cathryn said her midwifery career had been a childhood dream come true.

“I have always wanted to be a midwife. Probably from the age of eight or nine I wanted to be a midwife,” she said.

“I love that I can communicate with women and their partners and I love that I can help them and give them so much information and security.”

Follow Midwife Cath on Twitter here.

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