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Nurses again top ethics poll

By Karen Keast | Date Updated:

WorkPac HealthCare nurses

Nurses have once again trumped the annual poll as the most ethical and honest profession in Australia.

For the 18th year in a row, the Roy Morgan Image of Professions survey of 30 professions found 90 per cent of people, unchanged from the 2011 survey, aged 14 and over rate nurses as the most highly regarded profession, with pharmacists coming a close second at 88 per cent, doctors at 83 per cent and school teachers at 76 per cent.

Both federal and state politicians have taken a dive in the poll but the two biggest drops were lawyers, at 30 per cent, and ministers of religion, at 43 per cent; both were down 8 per cent on last year.

At the bottom end of the poll were insurance brokers and federal and state MPs, all at 10 per cent, agents at 9 per cent, advertising people at 8 per cent and car salesmen

recording the lowest rating at 2 per cent.

The research poll surveyed 651 men and women via phone on the nights of May 9 and 10.

Gary Morgan, of Roy Morgan Research, said while 18 professions recorded falls in their ratings and ethics for the past year, health-related professions once again topped the poll.

“Nurses still lead the way as Australia’s most respected profession for very high or high ethics and honesty,” he said.

“Other professions in the medical field once again scored well with high ratings for ethics and honesty including pharmacists (88 per cent, up 1 per cent), doctors (83 per cent, down 4 per cent) and dentists (75 per cent, down 1 per cent).

“The low ratings for both Federal MPs and State MPs…can be attributed to the ongoing scandals engulfing several prominent politicians including Speaker of the House Peter Slipper and disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson.”

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