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Nurses inspire with Real Inspirations

By Karen Keast | Last Updated: 19-11-2013

Aged care nurse Yvette Raby

Two Melbourne nurses are producing a book showcasing the inspirational lives of people, including patients and healthcare workers.

Aged care nurses Yvette Raby, 30, and Chris Sheils, 52, who work at Melbourne Health facility Cyril Jewel House, began collaborating on their coffee table book, Real Inspirations, about a year ago.

Yvette said the book aimed to highlight people’s achievements and endeavours, often in the face of incredible obstacles.

“The book was prompted by the inspirational stories that we had heard of people who had overcome serious, life threatening illnesses, hardship or have debilitating diseases or care for someone with a debilitating illness,” she said.

“It is the aim of the book to recognise these people’s achievements and endeavours, to inspire others

to accept their burdens with good grace, and to strive to live better, more rewarding lives.”

Yvette and Chris first met at work more than two years ago.

Yvette has worked as a nurse for about 10 years and is also an amateur writer while Chris, a former commercial and advertising photographer, has worked in aged care for the past four years.

After a friend and colleague suggested the book, Yvette and Chris began working together to produce a collection of outstanding stories.

“These are the people who inspire us - through their love, their talent, their giving or their strength and endurance, who are not and have not been broken by their individual circumstances,” Yvette said.

“These are people who through their trials have emerged as better people and use their experiences to help others.”

Yvette said the people involved in the book contributed their stories, which feature alongside narratives, poems, art and photography.

Chris said the book was just months from completion and anyone with an inspirational story they would like to share can contact Yvette @realinspirations@rocketmail.com.

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