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Podiatrist helps launch Olympian beach volleyball athlete

By Karen Keast | Last Updated: 19-11-2013

Podiatrist Alan McCulloch with Olympian Natalie Cook, Caroline McCulloch and baby Max

A Queensland podiatrist is helping beach volleyball champion Natalie Cook step up for her chance to win gold at London’s Olympic Games.

Alan McCulloch, the principal at Brisbane’s All Podiatry and The Shoe Co, has treated Natalie for about 10 years and is now working to raise about $5,000 in funds to help send her to London, where she will be the first Australian woman to compete in five summer Olympic Games.

“I will be getting up through the night to watch Nat play. I won’t miss seeing her play,” he said.

“Her major problem has been her knees, with a bit of a knee injury in the past. That’s the thing that plays on her mind most and is the most important thing for her is that her knee is looked after.

“Because she’s in the sand a lot with all of that

movement, she really works her joints in her feet a lot as well as the intrinsic muscles in her feet.”

Alan, a podiatrist of more than 20 years, has worked extensively with elite athletes from the Australian Cricket Team to the Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Bulls and the women’s QAS cycling and soccer club, and triathlon organisations.

He has also contributed to footwear design for Adidas and spent four years as a technical consultant in Asia and Europe for the leading footwear manufacturer.

With his wife Caroline, also a podiatrist and a physiotherapist, they introduced footwear into their two podiatry businesses about 10 years ago and also recently launched their own brand of shoes, Frankie4.

The range includes two foot bed orthotic duty shoes, the Eboni and the Ellie, designed for nurses.

“As part of what we are doing every day we treat nurses,” Alan said.

“Every day nurses are doing a lot of standing yet they are doing walking as well and the surface they are generally on is concrete, disguised with carpet or lino on top, and they have to also protect themselves against sharps.”

For more information visit www.frankie4.com.au or www.allpodiatry.com.au.

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